Fence Facts

Fences can go relatively unnoticed that is until there is a problem with them. In actuality they perform many important functions on your property. Many factors must be taken into consideration when choosing to install a particular style of fence, including privacy, security and landscape enhancement. Our fence section looks at several different types and styles of fencing including chain link fencing, privacy fencing, the classic white picket fence, post rail fencing, and even barbwire fencing.

Fences serve a wide variety of functions, depending on the size of the property, the goal of the homeowners, and the style of the architecture. Fences can be concave or convex, scalloped along the top or straight edged. Fence styles vary widely from the standard to the custom, and often reflect regional and architectural preferences. The key to any fence project is to determine the need and the budget, then work with the available components to create the style. 

Fence Components
Fence styles are determined by four key factors: height, board width, spacing of the boards or posts, and board and chain link profiles. Picket fences are shorter, usually four feet or less, with narrow boards, typically 3-1/2-inches wide. In contrast, a true privacy fence will be at least seven feet tall, with tongue and groove boards that completely block the view.

Fence Styles - WOOD, ETC.
In essence, all fences have similar structure, unless constructed of brick, concrete, or stone. Commonly referred to as "board and post" fences, most fences are sold as sections, with a horizontal structural member to which "boards" are attached. Picket, stockade, and privacy fences are all constructed in this way. Each section is joined at a post, which anchors the fence to the ground and the sections to one another. Posts, caps and tops may be stylized to match the period or theme of the fence.

Chain Link Fence
Florida's most popular, provides homeowners with economical protection and security for property, pets and children. It requires vertical posts, horizontal bars and chain link fencing.  "Fabric" can be added to add more privacy.